Things To Consider When Windshield Is Leaking

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Windshield glass that is leaking around the edge can be a problem but is easy to fix. Sometimes it means replacing the glass, while other times, the glass needs resealing. In both cases, to do the job right, the glass needs to come out of the car. 

Finding the Leak

The hardest part of fixing the leak around the windshield glass is determining where the water is getting in. Just because the water is dripping from the corner of the glass, does not mean that is where the leak is. Often, it looks like the water is coming in around a corner but, in reality, the water is coming in somewhere else and traveling to where it is dripping from.

Because it is so hard to determine the exact location of the leak, trying to seal one spot of the windshield is often ineffective and can sometimes cause a bigger problem than it fixes. The first thing you need to do when you see a leak around the glass is take the car to an auto glass repair shop so they can reseal it for you. 

Fixing the Leak

The first thing the auto glass shop is going to do is take the glass out of the car. The sealer on the glass and the vehicle needs removing completely, and the technician will need to check the car body for rust or corrosion where the glass meets the car. The sealer that cannot adhere well to rust and dirt, so cleaning it up and applying a little rust converting paint to the surface is essential.

If there is a hole in the body that needs repairing, most glass shops will recommend you have a body shop fix it before the glass can go back into the car. The body shop will weld in new steel and paint the repair so that the glass can sit flat and seal appropriately after the repair.  

Once the area is free of rust and dirt, the technician will apply the new sealer to the glass and place the glass back in the car. The sealer needs to cure for 24 hours to be complete, but the car is safe to drive a couple of hours after the repair is made. 

After a few days of cure time, the sealer should be set, and you should not see any more leaking around the glass. You can spray some water from a garden hose over the car if you want to check for leaks but don't use any pressure around the edges of the glass.

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