Need New Glass Throughout Your Commercial Building? Consider These Things

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If your commercial property has large skylights and glass walls that need to be replaced, you should talk with a commercial glass company to get an estimate for the costs for replacement. The estimate should include:

  • Cost for removal of the old products
  • Labor expenses for installation
  • New glass expense
  • Glass warranty
  • Service warranty

Look through more than one quote to make sure that they are comparable and ask questions about any questionable expenses. Here are some of the reasons why you want to replace the glass right away if you see leaks, oxidation, or other problems.

Invest in Impact-Resistant Durability

Impact-resistant windows are best for a commercial property. The windows provide these advantages:

  • Improved security from impact caused by vandalism or potential intruders
  • Protection from high winds and weathering
  • High energy-efficiency rating
  • Building or property insurance benefits

This is an investment that will help to protect your staff and people inside the building and the property itself.

Look Into Tinted Window Options

There are impact-resistant commercial windows that are tinted. Tinted glass provides benefits like:

  • Lowered cooling costs
  • Reduction in glare
  • UV damage prevention
  • Privacy

Tinted windows are a great way to prevent problems from direct sunlight without preventing the benefits of having natural light in the space. You can also have extra tint put on the windows if needed. Get an additional estimate for this.

Recycle the Old Glass

You want the old glass that was used around the facility to be removed in single pieces if possible to avoid any type of mess or danger. Also ask the commercial glass company if they are able to recycle all the glass that they remove from the building, and if this will alter the cost of the removal fees. If you aren't sure where to recycle, call your local city recycling center to see if there is a specific area for large sheets of glass.

Don't suffer with poor quality windows or glass around your commercial property. Instead, start getting estimates to find out how much it's going to cost you to make the upgrades that you need, and invest in high-quality glass.

The better the glass the less you have to worry about future damage, water leaks, and other complications. This will improve the safety of your building and the value, so be sure to let your property insurance provider know about these investments. Contact a commercial glass company to learn more.

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