Is It Time To Get Dual-Pane Units For Your Storefront?

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Old glass on a storefront doesn't necessarily make the store look bad, but after a while, you can tell if the glass has been there for a long time. From scratches to a general fogginess that never seems to go away, the signs of an old window become more and more apparent each year.

New window glass gives your store a fresh look, but if you need glass installed, you have to choose the type of glass. Now, you have the option of getting dual-pane units, too. The glass that helps regulate the temperature inside office buildings can be used in stores as well. This kind of glass has some good points, but also some other issues that you should consider if you're thinking about getting dual-pane glass for your storefront.

Could Help With Noise and Temperature

Dual-pane units are really good at reducing noise from outside, and they do a stellar job of insulating whatever room they surround. The insulation may not be perfect if your store door is constantly being opened, but the units can still reduce the thermal transfer that would happen through the windows anyway. That can help make your store a little more pleasant to be in on very hot or very cold days. In terms of noise reduction, hearing less traffic noise inside the store when the doors are closed can make the environment less stressful for your workers.

Keep Turnaround Times in Mind

One issue with dual-pane glass units is that the turnaround time, whether you need a repair or replacement or you just need the initial panes you get cut to size, can be longer than it would be for single-pane units. This makes sense as there are two panes of glass that need to be cut and then sealed in a frame in a particular way so that the gas between the panes doesn't escape. However, this may mean that a repair or replacement could take much longer.

Replacements May Take Precedence Over Repairs

Repairing a dual-pane unit is a lot different than repairing a single pane unit. Because there is a gas between the two panes, it's more difficult to patch a break between the glass and the frame, for example. Many times, a dual-pane unit has to be completely replaced if it appears the gas has leaked out. This is because, without the gas, the window won't offer the same amount of insulation that it did before the damage occurred.

Overall, dual-pane units could be a great addition to your store. If you're not sure, you can still get single-pane units in different types of glass, such as laminated. Talk to a few commercial glass companies and see what their experience with dual-pane units has been like. Contact a company, such as Boulevard Glass & Metal Inc, for more information. 

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