Different Glass Shower Door Upgrades

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Glass shower doors are almost always a major improvement from rod and curtain systems. Glass is more stylish, luxurious, durable, and permanent than a plastic curtain. Of course, glass is more expensive and it does need to be cleaned. You will probably need to clean your glass more frequently than you ever clean the inside of your shower curtain, but it looks much nicer when it is clean. Buying a glass shower door requires choosing the right type for your bathroom. This article should help you with these decisions and explain the main differences between various types of glass shower doors.

Prefabricated Doors

If you walk into pretty much any home improvement store, you will probably see a few different prefabricated glass shower door kits. These are kits that include everything you need to install a door slider system on a precast bathtub basin. Since most basins are universally-sized, it is quite easy to install these prefabricated kits without having to do too much actual construction. Of course, it is still a demanding job because you need to handle the large and possibly heavy glass doors with care.

That being said, many of the pieces are modular, and they are usually made out of aluminum, so they are easy to cut to length, if necessary. This is definitely the cheapest and easiest option if you have a shower with a universally-size bathtub basin. So, before you go to the home store, measure the length and height that you will need.

Floor-to-Ceiling Doors

One of the most desirable looks in the bathroom is having a floor-to-ceiling shower door. A completely encased shower looks great with large glass panes that actually make the room feel a little bigger. These are particularly popular on custom and tile shower basins and in luxury homes. They aren't very common on fiberglass bathtub basins.

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors are going to definitely be far more expensive. This is partly because the larger glass pieces need to be thicker. So, a lot of the extra expense comes with the cost of the glass. On top of this, there are going to be extra costs for the installation. It is going to be a project that needs to be handled by professional contractors. It definitely isn't a DIY project like the kits you buy at home improvement stores.

Ultimately, you should only spend so much on a floor-to-ceiling shower door if you can afford to.

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