The Pros And Cons Of Laminated Security Glass For Commercial Installations

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Security is a top concern for most business owners, especially in areas with high rates of break-ins and theft. For that reason, laminated glass is a popular choice for business owners worried about break-ins. The design of laminated glass—two panes of glass bonded to a vinyl interlayer—makes it incredibly difficult to penetrate. If you're considering hiring commercial glass installers to put laminated glass in your place of business, here are a few of the pros and cons you should consider before making the call.



Because of the vinyl interlayer at the center of a pane of laminated glass, it's very difficult to break the glass and create a point of entrance into a building. Rather than scattering, the broken glass remains attached to the vinyl layer. It's the same type of glass used in the windshield of a vehicle to keep the glass from shattering. This makes it ideal as a security barrier, especially for businesses dealing with consistent theft attempts and broken windows.


Not all broken windows are intentionally broken. Laminated glass also helps prevent injury and/or liability issues if there is a workplace accident with an employee or customer. Because the broken glass will remain in the window frame attached to the vinyl interlayer after an accident, there is no risk of serious cuts or lacerations.

UV Protection

The vinyl interlayer also provides an unseen benefit that protects it from the sun's harmful UV rays, rays that will increase the heat as well as fading on any materials next to the window. The inner layer can block up to 99% of UV rays. Fortunately, the vinyl interlayer only blocks UV rays and not light so laminated windows won't noticeably decrease the amount of light coming through the glass.



The biggest disadvantage of choosing laminated glass is the cost when compared to regular tempered or safety glass. Because of the additional processes and materials involved in manufacturing laminated glass vs. tempered glass, the price will be a bit higher.

Possible Poor Installation

The biggest cause of headaches with laminated glass is incorrect installation. That's why it's essential to hire experienced professional commercial window installers to handle the job. This is especially true if your reason for installing laminated glass is also for its sound dampening benefits. The installer must create a perfect fit and seal within the window opening in order to take advantage of its sound dampening qualities.

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