Auto Glass Repairs: Information On Pitting, Chips, And Cracks

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There are countless ways your auto glass can end up damaged. When it happens, it may leave you needing to have your window or windshield replaced. Other times, you can simply have it repaired. Having an auto glass repair is the easier way to go, and it's also the cheaper option. This is why you should opt to have the glass repaired if doing so will leave you with a window that will still be as strong as ever. Here is more on auto glass damages and repairs.

A pitted windshield  

Your windshield will become pitted over time. It happens from dirt and sand being blown against it as you are driving down the highway. Sometimes, you can get caught in one windstorm that can leave your windshield severely pitted. However, if you catch things while your windshield just has minor pitting, then there is the chance it can be repaired by smoothing over the glass. If you are seeing signs of pitting, act fast and take the car in to see if it can be repaired. 

A chipped window

Chips can happen to auto glass in many ways. A pebble can fly up, hit the windshield, and cause a chip. A nut can fall from a tree, hitting the glass in the wrong way, leaving a chip. Kids playing can throw something that hits the glass, causing a chip. Sometimes, these chips are bad enough that the best thing to really do is have the glass replaced. However, there are also many other times when the chips are minor and can easily be repaired for you. This is the best solution when it's an option because it's a quick and affordable fix. 

A cracked window

There are also a lot of ways that auto glass can end up cracked. Rocks flying at the windshield are one of the more common ways. However, anything hard that hits the glass can crack it. Other things that can cause the auto glass to crack include extreme heat, fast changes in the temperature, hail, and very strong winds. Any crack in a window or the windshield should be checked and be repaired if it isn't serious enough to warrant full replacement. Cracks can spread until they are a serious problem. Plus, they can interfere with your field of vision and cast glares that can temporarily blind you when the sun hits them from certain angles.

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