A Step-By-Step Guide To Windshield Replacement

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A broken windshield is a pain in the neck. It negatively affects your car's value and beauty and could interfere with your vision, leading to an accident. Well, it does not matter how your windshield cracked, but one thing is certain. It needs replacement immediately before things get out of hand. If you plan to seek windshield replacement services, you may wonder how the experts will go about the whole process. Here is a step-by-step guide to windshield replacement at the leading auto glass shops.

1. Removing the Damaged Windshield

If the experts have examined your windshield and decided no amount of repair can restore its integrity, it has to be removed before the replacement begins. But first, they have to detach the plastic covers, molding, wipers, and rearview mirror. These are affixed to the damaged windshield and must be removed to set it free. Next, the experts will remove the urethane covering the damaged windshield. Now your windshield is free, and the expert can safely remove it with suction cups. Note that you do not have to dispose of the damaged windshield after replacement. The auto glass shop will take care of its disposal for you.

2. Preparing the New Windshield

The auto glass specialists will get a quality windshield that perfectly matches your car model and make. They will clean it with water, apply a primer, and allow it to dry. Then they will double-check the frame, scrape off any urethane left, and remove any dirt and debris remaining. This is to ensure nothing on the frame could prevent the new windshield from bonding properly. The experts will then apply a primer to the frame, followed by a layer of urethane. The urethane holds the windshield in place, and they must lay it quickly, or it will dry out.

3. Installing the Windshield

Now it is time to install the windshield. The technician will use suction cups and gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints that could prevent the windshield from sticking to the urethane. After the windshield is perfectly fixed, they will cut the excess urethane for an appealing look. They have to ensure the urethane has completely cured and then reattach the molding, wipers, and rearview mirror. Your windshield is now perfectly in place, and it is safe to hit the road and flaunt it.

Now that you know what goes into auto glass replacement, you can seek the services with confidence that the experts will do an excellent job. It is best to engage a reliable auto glass shop if you want exceptional windshield replacement services. They always strive to ensure your windshield is firmly fixed for enhanced safety.

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