5 Benefits Of Glass Interior Doors

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Glass doors aren't just for storm doors and patio doors. They also work well inside the home. If you are on the fence about glass interior doors, the following benefits can help influence your decision.

1. Increase Natural Lighting

The number one reason to replace interior doors with glass doors is to allow more natural light into the home. For example, if you have a long windowless hallway with bedrooms off of it, putting in frosted glass doors will allow natural light into the hall from the bedrooms while still allowing for privacy. More natural light makes a home feel nicer and it reduces electricity needs.

2. Provide Sound Privacy

Open-plan homes are great if you want a spacious feeling, but the lack of privacy for conversations or the traveling of noise around the house can be a problem. Glass doors provide that same open concept feeling, but now you have sound privacy. A glass door between the kitchen and dining room is a good example—everything feels open but noises in the kitchen won't disturb those that are having a conversation over the dinner table.

3. Merge or Separate at Will

The versatility of one's space can make a smaller home feel large. Separating two rooms with a glass door, or installing a glass wall to divide a great room in half, allows you to maintain that spaciousness while dividing up larger spaces for different uses. You can open up the doors when you need a larger space, or close them off when multiple spaces are needed.

4. Save Space in Small Homes

Glass interior doors come in a variety of space-saving designs. Sliding glass pocket doors are a good option if you need to divide the kitchen from the dining or living areas since they won't take up space when open and they still allow light through to open up the space. Folding french doors with glass panes are another option, especially when dividing a pass-through living space from a dining room or foyer area where the entryway is wider than a standard door. 

5. Enjoy Different Style Options

Glass doors come in such as huge range of styles that there is sure to be one to fit your home. You can choose from solid glass doors or paneled glass doors with multiple panes, for example. The door and glass framing materials can be wood, metal, or vinyl in the color of your choice. Operation method and size can be customized to your home. There are even multiple glass options, including clear, textured, frosted, and tinted. 

Contact an interior glass door installer to learn more about the available choices.  

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