Selecting The Ideal Glass Shower Enclosure

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Glass shower enclosures prevent water from spilling outside your shower, increasing bathroom safety. Similarly, attractive shower doors may boost bathroom aesthetics significantly. However, choosing an ideal glass shower enclosure is necessary to enjoy these benefits. But shower door selection may be challenging due to the existing variety. Here is a helpful guide to follow when doing glass shower door shopping.


The common glass shower door designs include the following:

  • Frameless. Cleaning a frameless shower enclosure is easy since dirt doesn't hide within the frame. Additionally, frameless enclosures allow maximum light in your bathroom. Likewise, the doors provide an excellent view.

  • Framed. These shower doors are easy to set up as you only need to mount the frame. Also, the frames provide stability. Nonetheless, debris may hide inside the frames, making cleaning more challenging.

Thus, understand the pros and drawbacks of each design and select wisely.

Operating Mechanism

Glass shower enclosures may have the following operation mechanisms:

  • Sliding. Sliding shower door installations open sideways and are suitable for less spacious bathrooms. However, these doors require more maintenance as debris may accumulate on their track systems. You may also need to perform track repairs if the tracks get damaged.

  • Hinged. Shower enclosures with hinges have an inward and outward movement, resulting in operational flexibility. Nevertheless, these are ideal for spacious bathrooms as they require swinging space.

Glass shower door dealers can provide insights on the operating mechanism that works for you.


Since glass shower doors come in various sizes, picking the correct size may be challenging. For example, you may select an oversized door requiring adjustments to fit the designated space. Also, you may choose a small entryway, resulting in replacement expenses. In this regard, involve professional shower door dealers. The professionals may measure your shower door's space and provide a perfectly fitting door.

Glass Type

Glass shower doors manufacturers may use the following glass types:

  • Tempered or toughened. This glass is exposed to extreme temperatures resulting in high tensile strength. Therefore, the glass is less prone to damage and is long-lasting.

  • Laminated glass. This glass has an added polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer, which holds the glass together upon breakage, increasing safety.

You must understand the characteristics of the different glass types to select the ideal glass shower door installation.

When selecting a glass shower enclosure, consider its design, size, operating mechanism, and glass type. Consider these factors to choose the perfect shower door.

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